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Yea is a small town in the State of Victoria in Australia, located at the intersection of two major highways: the Melba highway and the Goulburn Valley highway. It lies at around 100km Northeast of Melbourne. It is a peaceful community of less than 2000 people. If you look at the map of Australia, you will see that Yea can be the perfect detour while on a road trip, because it is so accessible from the road. Because of its home-away-from-home ambiance, it has become a rather popular stopover for people traveling the two highways.

The town of Yea has a big cultural and historical significance, given that it is the site of one of the most ancient civilizations in the continent: the Taungurong people. Not much is known about this prehistoric tribe, because there is no known written documentation about them, but archaeological findings are vast and very significant.

Cozy and affordable accommodations in Yea await the tourists and travelers who would like to stay and experience the wonders found in this little town. Several hotels and cottages offer great facilities and amenities fit for the solo traveler but also family-friendly. There are also retreats and bed and breakfast inns in the vicinity.

Yea’s natural beauty is definitely a sight to behold. One can breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the endemic flora and fauna of Australia. The panoramic view of the countryside is proof that the people of Yea know how to take care of their environment, like the local plants and trees that grow, as well as the bodies of water within the area. In fact, the Yea wetlands are the town’s best kept secrets when it comes to ecological attractions.

The community has spent around a decade in improving the former floodplains, and has transformed it into a garden of bliss. One can behold lush and fruitful trees, and see the animals living in their shelter. The forest and the river are as good as pristine, and provide a healthy environment for the native plants and animals, including koalas and platypus.

Yea has a lot to offer when it comes to food and wine, recreational activities, as well as art and culture. If you wish to experience first-hand the vibrant heritage of Yea, it is a good idea to go on guided tours of the town’s historical sites. An example of sites like these would be the Cheviot tunnel. This tunnel was part of the Tallarook-Mansfield Rail line. The tunnel is made of handmade clay bricks, and remains in excellent condition up to this day. When the Rail Line opened in late 1883, Yea became a base for train crews. The tunnel and the Cheviot Station timber tram way which was built next to it are key pieces of Yea’s architectural history.

Another great way to appreciate both the natural and man-made wonders of Yea would be to follow the Yea Heritage Walk brochure, available at the Yea Visitors Information center. This brochure maps out a brief history of the town and its people, which is very informative and interesting. While reading the brochure, you can go on a guided tour of the town so you can personally see the buildings and locations outlined there. The brochure begins by talking about Yea’s indigenous heritage, then moves on to the period of European discovery and the town’s other developments in the fields of agriculture and architecture.

Yea’s historical background is fascinating to learn about. The township itself was first surveyed in 1855, and plans for its construction were laid out by a government surveyor named Thomas Pinniger. 17 of his original survey points have been found across the Yea district.

Several historic buildings in Yea include the Yea Post Office – built in 1890, the Yea fountain – built in 1920, the police residence – built in 1894, the commercial bank building – built in 1901, the Grand Central hotel – built in 1901, the Sacred Heart Catholic Church – built in 1902, Lee Gow’s restaurant – built in 1889, the railway station – built in 1889, and the old cemetery.

Those who want to permanently reside in Yea will find that it is an ideal place to raise a family. Aside from it being very peaceful, you can find almost anything you need to raise well-rounded children here. The town has schools for both primary and high school students. There is also a program called the Access Yea Community Education Program (AYCE) for children who have difficulty fitting into a normal school. They are fine institutions with qualified teachers and a good curriculum. Yea also has a church for Catholics and places of worship for those of other religions as well, like Presbyterian and Anglican churches.

In case of medical emergencies, the Yea and District Medical Hospital (Y & DMH) is equipped with modern medical facilities and adept doctors. It has 3 departments comprising of an intensive care unit, a unit for senior citizens and a unit for the general public. Being a community and district hospital, the Y & DMH has a wide scope of responsibility including nearby areas to Yea. They also provide more targeted health services like podiatry, physiotherapy, Ultrasound services, audiology, optometry and psychological services.

For recreation, Yea holds plenty of fun-filled events and social gatherings throughout the year. This gives way for the community to get together and enjoy each other’s company. One of these is the Yea Country Market, held monthly on the first Saturday. It features stalls of different items like food and merchandise of all kinds. Other things on sale are clothing, jewelry and accessories, plants and produce, as well as books and similar items. Entertainment is readily available, in the form of live music and children’s shows. A playground is also provided for the children to enjoy.

For the more sporty and outdoors-y individuals, you will surely enjoy Yea’s sports events. They have clubs for cricket, football, netball and tennis. The town holds races of various kinds, camping, fishing and hiking activities. Art-savvy travelers on the other hand will greatly appreciate the museums and art shows in Yea. There are also different clubs and organizations one can join, depending on your interests, like the camera club or the rotary club, for example.

Yea is a good place to have a gastronomical experience. The food here is savory and most are quite affordable. From meals served at the local Bed and Breakfast to the cafes and restaurants, you are sure to keep coming back for more. To add to that, food establishments here give excellent customer service, and will make you feel as if you were right at home.

As a popular stopover for tourists and travelers, the Yea Visitors Information Center has put together a collection of handy information about the many great things to do around town. Visitors can go on tours, visit the local art centers, wine and dine, and spend time with the family doing memorable and fun activities. Yea is a particularly pleasant destination for the holidays.

Being a small town, the people of Yea can make you feel like you were part of the family. Smiles and greetings are freely given, and a helpful hand is always there to assist anyone who needs it. Their value for their historical building and sites as well as their extensive rehabilitation projects for their natural resources is proof that the Yea community puts great importance on their environment and their quality of life. To be sure, Yea is one of the most family-oriented places in the state.