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Australia is an excellent vacation destination, it’s the land down under and the seasons are backwards meaning when it’s cold and dank in the northern hemisphere, it’s a warm and cozy Australia weather in the southern hemisphere.  The vast continent has numerous different attractions to offer tourists visiting the land.  Popular tourist destinations include Sydney and Melbourne, the only problem with vacationing at these locations is that during peak season they can become jam packed with other tourists.  Usually tourists end up in these destinations because most Australia flights land in those cities. When one goes abroad as a tourist they should expect to mingle with the customs and culture of the locals.  If you go to a major tourist destination you may find yourself in the company of nothing more than just other tourists, which is kind of a drag.  The well trodden tourist destinations are often crowded and the price of everything from food to interesting curios goes up in price significantly.  To get off the beaten track, to really immerse one’s self in a unique vacation, one should try going elsewhere than the crowded metropolises of Australia and move inward to the interior of the continent.  Tourists seeking the solitude of the Australian outback without the noisy chatter of crowds of other tourists should look to visit towns such as Yea in the interior of the country far from most tourists reach.

Yea Australia

Yea Australia is a quaint little town with a population just under two thousand; it’s in these small communities that someone can really understand what the Australian outback is all about.  This after all this was the Australia that the settlers came to tame.  Most people would be hard pressed to spot Yea on a map of Australia, actually for the most part most tourists don’t know where most locations are on a map of Australia.  Yea is in Victoria which is at the very southernmost part of the continent.  Just south of New South Wales, Yea in Victoria is 108 km (67 miles) north of Melbourne where Australia flights into the region land.  Located along the Yea river the Township of Yea is an outpost for grazing, dairy and was once home to a gold rush that allowed the town to flourish.

A Brief History of Yea

Yea was first visited by Europeans in 1842 the party of explorers including William Hovell and Hamilton Hume noted the location as a favorable place for grazing acres.  The first settlers arrived in 1837 and by 1839 settlements were popping up along the Goulburn River.  The town was officially surveyed, laid out and named in 1855.  The Town gets its namesake from a British Army Colonel who died in the Crimean War; his name was Colonel Walter Yea.  Although it was officially known as Yea, settlers often called it the Muddy Creek Settlement, which is what they called the river which the town was next to, today that river is known as the Yea River which flows into the Goulburn due north from the town.  In 1859 small mining settlements sprouted up with prospectors searching for gold in the area.  After the gold rush Yea survived as a major logging town where mills would process the fallen trees from the Murrindindi forests.  Along with the logging industry a railroad was built in 1883 which connected Yea with Melbourne bringing timber to the ports to be exported.  The Railroad stopped running on 28, May 1977, today the old rail line has been converted into a rail trail.  Visitors to Yea can enjoy running walking and biking along the trail, it is known as the Goulbourn River High Country Rail Trail and is a great place to visit while vacationing in Australia.

Attractions in Yea

One of the major benefits of vacationing in Yea Australia is that Australia flights coming internationally through Melbourne provide easy access to the small dairy town.  Granted Yea Australia is not for every tourist; for those looking for an urban metropolis with high tech amenities, a vibrant nightlife and large shopping centers with luxury goods, Yea may not be a good destination.  If however, the place one comes from is a bustling metropolis with all that was listed above perhaps it would be great to escape such drudgery and vacation in a tranquil peaceful place such as Yea Australia.  Around an hour’s drive from Melbourne the quaint town has several natural attractions for tourists seeking solace from the urban turmoil they are used to.  The Yea river flows slowly and serenely near the town’s center and there are small wet lands and lakes dotting the area which can be accessed by trails and bridges.  It is a great place to hike or bike, a long way away from all the noise from traffic and machinery all that can be heard is the breeze, birds and water.  Overall Yea is a scenic place to sit back and relax while sightseeing.  As noted before Australia weather is the opposite as to whether in the northern hemisphere and the Christmas holiday season is summer.  Yea for the most part is a good temperate zone with Goldilocks traits, throughout the year it never gets too hot or cold with an average temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius.

Fishing in Yea

With the lazy streams and rivers it is a great place to take the old fishing pole out for some luck.  Another laid back attraction is angling in the Yea River there are no promises for whopper fish coming out of this river but a there are game fish including brown trout, river Blackfish, Redfin, carp, goldfish, and rainbow trout that can be caught along its banks.  Bait fishing can be quite relaxing, casting out with a #8 hook with a night crawler can be all that is needed for a good afternoon of tranquil fishing.  A few nibbles here and there is what an angler will get if they bait fish.  For those looking for something a bit more dynamic the use of spoon lures are great for targeting the brown and rainbow trout that bite shiny objects in curiosity.

Golfing in Yea

For those looking to hit the links while in Yea Australia there is a peaceful golf course in the town.  The 18 hole, 71 par course is a great way to relax, walk and enjoy the scenery.  Unlike most snobbish country clubs that only allow exclusive members in for exorbitant green fees this golf course is friendly and affordable.  With just $12 one can enjoy 18 holes of serene golfing, Whether playing alone or having a little skins match with a foursome, the Yea Golf Club is a great way to enjoy some truly serene golf around an hour’s drive from Melbourne where Australia flights come in internationally.

Tranquility and Ambience. Oh Yea

Although most people can’t find Yea on a map of Australia, those who have visited it will remember it well for its quiet and peaceful ambience.  Peace and tranquility is something hard to come by these days, especially if one lives and work in a city where traffic floods local’s ears with a constant din.  The prevalence of electronic devices such as cellular phones, laptops and mp3 players has made the world a smaller, noisier and information driven place.  If one wishes to leave all this behind, even just for a bit, Yea Australia is an excellent choice.  At around an hour’s drive from Melbourne, where international Australia flights touchdown, Yea is easily accessible.  Go to Yea Australia, turn off your cell phones, laptops and MP3’s to enjoy the bounty of the tranquil destination.