Tourism Australia teams up with Emirates

Following several years of successful partnership in various marketing ventures, Tourism Australia and Emirates have now signed on to a new Memorandum of Understanding. The two global leaders in international travel and tourism plan to collectively fund up to AUD$14.3 million worth of marketing activities over the span of the next three years. This is aimed to boost more visits from Australia’s top visiting countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand and Italy.

Andrew McEvoy, Managing Director for Tourism Australia, proudly welcomed the agreement proposing a business tie-up between the Middle East airline giant and Qantas, which will expand the latter’s reach with a new service direct to Adelaide beginning November of this year. Also included in this proposal are increased flights to Perth in December of this year.

Emirate’s Senior Vice President, Andrew Parker, said, quote,” we enable travelers from more than thirty European locations to travel to Australia via one stop in Dubai, offering passengers from all corners of the continent the chance to enjoy the  many and varied attractions from down under”. This Memorandum serves as a fundamental block in Australia’s tourism strategy.

The strong marketing partnership of these two companies is projected to be even more successful because of this new joint venture. It is currently serving more than 70 inbound and outbound flights per week; however, the Dubai hub of Emirates plans to grow the number of flights to and from Australia to more than 80 per week by the year 2013.

Sydney hosts WYSTC 2013

Sydney, Australia is scheduled to host the next World Youth and Student Travel Conference in September of 2013. This assembly is an essential event that provides an avenue for the young people to make new connections and grow their market reach. It serves to tap into the global community of young people interested in traveling, studying abroad as well as working abroad, connecting them to several organizations that offer goods and services to the youth.

The WYSTC is an annual event created by the WYSE Travel Confederation. It is already on its 20th year of gathering people in their 20s and 30s and presenting them with many opportunities to grow and take root in the international scene.

Felicia Mariani, the Managing Director of ATEC, said that this event will, quote, “bring distributors from over 80 countries to Sydney where our suppliers will have front row access to the international businesses that can deliver them the customers they need.” This will hopefully drive more young people to look to Australia for a viable business venture.

ATEC also made a proposal earlier this year, regarding allowing Working Holiday Visa holders to extend their stay by up to 12 months. They would simply need to complete 88 days of working in any regional industry.  According to its proponents, this change in the WHV policy can potentially increase the country’s GDP by more than AUD$85 million.

Mariani states that promoting Australia as a unique travel and adventure destination, particularly for the youth, will create significant growth in the country’s tourism industry.

Yea Australia

Cities in Australia


Yea Australia was once the home and territory of the Taungurong (or Daung Wurrung) people, one of the indigenous tribes in Australia. Yea is a town found in state of Victoria, Australia. It is specifically located in the shire of Murrindindi, one hundred and nine kilometers northeast of Melbourne, in the federal division of McEwen and is situated between Alexandra and Seymour. Yea is the most ideal stop when going north from Melbourne.

Yea is accessible through land, sea and air travel. There are regular international flights to Australia via Sydney and Melbourne. Flight reservations are possible through various travel and tour agencies as well as airline online sites. Cheap charter flights to Australia are also available through many Australian airline carriers like Jet Star and Qantas. Group travelers can reserve exclusive charter flights to Australia in discounted rates, especially for students with student passes. Flights must be booked months ahead to save time and worry. Land transportation can also be availed ahead of time especially if travel plans coincide with main holidays. Car rentals to Yea, Australia are available in the main cities like Melbourne or Sydney.

Yea, Australia is one hundred and seventy-two meters or five hundred and sixty-four feet above sea level. Like most of the towns in the state of Victoria, Yea has a temperate climate that is favorable for growing crops, especially grapes. The surrounding Yea River flows around the town center into the large reserve called the Yea Wetlands, which were developed among a group of little lakes situated beside the river.

The Yea Wetlands can be accessed through an entrance located opposite the police station on the corner of Hood Street and High Street. Travelers can also access the Yea Wetlands through the park in Goulburn Valley Highway where there are walking tracks or pathways that can be followed, leading to the wetlands.

Yea’s climate is one of the most tempting feature that is unique to Victoria compared to other Australian states. Yea experiences enough rainfall and warm weather in most months and its winter is not as cold. Rainfall is usually during summer. One has to remember that seasons in the Southern Hemisphere is in complete opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere. When it is winter in the United States, it is summer in Australia. Hence, Aussies experience summer Christmases.

A farming, dairying, pastoral and timber district, Yea, Australia can be accessed via the Melba Highway and sits snugly in the junction with the Goulburn Valley Highway. Initially a gold mining town, Yea still retains many of the historical buildings that were built by the European settlers in the area led by the explorers William Hovell and Hamilton Hume in 1837. The town was originally known as the Muddy Creek Settlement near the Yea River. In 1855, this country town was renamed after Colonel Lacy Walter Yea, the British Army Colonel who was killed in the Crimean War.

Operating on the adage “All roads lead to Yea,” the Yea District Tourist Association invites people to visit their quaint rural town surrounded by lush hills, a charming and picturesque retreat from the hustle and bustle of the busy metropolitan lifestyle. The small rural community has a population of a thousand five hundred and ninety-five as of 2011.

Yea’s sites and attractions included the beautiful landscapes of the Yea Fountain Gardens, a scenic parkland on the southern side of town that surrounded the former Yea Railway Station buildings. There’s also the beautiful Killingworth River drive, the Murrindindi Cascades, the Valley of a Thousand Hills and the numerous vineyards the surrounding valley that produces good local wine vintages offered in the bars and restaurants across the Yea town.

One of the main tourist spots in Yea would be the Kingsland National Park. Bushwalking along the luscious flora and fauna is truly breathtaking. Visiting the local cellars in Yea, Alexandria and Caveat is also worth doing when in the neighborhood. Horse riding, power boating, fishing and water skiing are also available for the adventurous ones. Golfers can spend a leisurely time in the Yea golf course a few kilometers from the Racecourse Road from the Yea High Street.

Driving along Yea is a breathtaking experience. Yea is like a parkland, a garden town with roses, large fountains and manicured lawns. The town’s commercial center is located at the side of the boulevard near High Street. Travelers will enjoy strolling along the central strip, walking past these gardens along The Crescent and Pechell Street.

Just southwest of Whittlesea road is a small hamlet of Flowerdale where one can see large farmlands and green and lush rolling hills. On the west of Yea, travelers can pass by many grazing lands that crosses the Goulburn River. Then, going further north will lead to a nice gorge where a granite plateau can be seen, passing through the old gold mining town of Ghin Ghin and onto the small hamlet of Caveat.

Travelers shouldn’t worry about accommodations or where to eat when in Yea. There are many restaurants and pubs offering a wide selection of dishes that is a mix of both local and continental cuisine. Travelers can also visit the lovely wineries located in the nearby Yarra Valley and partake on the local vintages that are considered to be Australia’s finest wines.

There are several nice Yea hotels available in every type of budget. There is the Royal Mail Hotel, which boasts of a superb menu and regular entertainment for travelers and/or guests, is one of the affordable accommodations in Yea, Australia. The welcoming bright peachy and salmon colored painted hotel provides relief to weary travelers with their fine food selection and country hospitality.

The Grand Central Hotel in Yea, Victoria, formerly known as the Caledonian Hotel, is one of the nice hotels around. Built in 1901, the Grand Central Hotel has a nice veranda façade facing the main street of Yea and it is located adjacent to a bottle shop.

One of the oldest Yea hotels, the Heritage Country Club Hotel (originally called the Commercial Hotel) was built around 1856 and was established in 1858. It boasts of a bistro, a vine covered beer garden and a bar. The Heritage Country Club Hotel is virtually affordable and particularly caters for the travelers visiting or staying at Yea.

Newly restored, more luxurious that the two mentioned above, the Peppercorn Hotel is located opposite the historical Yea Railway Station. One of the top Yea hotels, the Peppercorn Hotel offers a warm and inviting environment to travelers and guests. Smaller compared to most international hotels worldwide, this Yea hotel has a veranda overlooking the hills that surround the town of Yea, a truly romantic and relaxing view from the suites outfitted with all the necessities needed for a stay. Affordable and brings value to every dollar spent, the Peppercorn Hotel provides luxurious accommodations for travelers passing through or to hold out-of-town conferences. They offer excellent meals in a wide array of dishes from their menu and this Yea hotel also provides a great selection of local wines.

There are also several small inns, bed-and-breakfasts, motels, caravan and camping parks that gives a warm country hospitality to all comers in Yea. There is the Tartan Motel that is located in High Street, the mains street in Yea town and is two minutes walking distance away from the Yea Wetlands. This motel is also conveniently located near restaurants and the supermarket. There is also the Strath Valley B and B in King Parrot Creek Road. This small cottage is surrounded by a stunning atmosphere provided by endless hills and the nearby Strath Creek in the area of the Valley of a Thousand Hills. Travelers under budget can also stay in the Yea Motel. They have clean rooms and modern accoutrements.

Excellent camping grounds in Yea are conveniently located near the Goulburn River, a perfect spot to spend time adventure-seeking or just having a great time with family or friends on weekends or holidays. Basking around the wonder of the surrounding nature of Yea never looked more inviting.

The town of Yea can be navigated by walking or strolling, partaking on fine food offered in the different historical buildings around the place. Some of these establishments are next to art galleries, a convenient way for travelers to explore some of what Yea has to offer without exhausting themselves. Motorcyclists would have a fun experience driving through the panoramic streets seen in Yea, with numerous touring roads surrounding Yea town.

The best time to travel to Yea is during their annual Autumn Festival, which is in March. The Yea Autumn Festival is celebrated with a lot of entertainment, market stalls on the key town spots, and crafts, local delicacies, food and drink are showcased. At the Grand Parade, vintage or classic automobiles and/or vehicles are driven across the state of Victoria by participants.

To truly enjoy Yea, Australia and being well informed, guests can go and visit the Yea Visitors Information Center at the Old Railway Station Street. They are open from Thursday to Sunday at ten in the morning until four in the afternoon.