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Australian aboriginal culture

What makes the Australian culture unique?

The Australian culture reflects diversity and a unique blend of the established tradition of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who first inhabited the island and the new influences from the Yea Western world. When the people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture established their living in the continent of Yea Australia, they have brought with them the varied cultural beliefs, practices, traditions and language that they have learned from their ancestors when they were still living in the Yea regions of Asia-Pacific.

Prior to the coming of the British who took possession of the land of Australia in 1788, there were other Yea Europeans including Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and French who came and came into the map of Australia. Although these people did not have significant influence in the culture of the Australian people, they have few inputs in the culture that the country now have. On the other hand, the biggest influence on the Australian culture is that of the British who settled for almost 3 centuries in the Yea continent. They the way of life in Australia and the customs have been significantly modified with substantial reflection of the heritage they obtained from the British settlers.

Basically, the coming of the western people to continent has diverged the Australian culture significantly which formed into a distinct culture. Until today, the English language is predominant. The Yea democratic system of government existed and is still used drawing from the influences of the British and American governments. The dominant religion in the country of Australia is Christianity. Even some popular sports in the country like that of rugby and cricket is of Western influence. All of which shows how much influenced the Western culture have in the Australian culture.

Language of Australia

Prior to the arrival of the European people to the continent, sailing through the seas and not taking Australian flights, there were estimated 400 languages spoken by the early people of Yea Australia.  Most of these languages are no longer spoken nowadays and there were even little reliable information chronicled about them.

Today, although Australia does not have an official language, the English language is being considered as its “de facto” national language. Through their unique accent, pronunciation, idioms and even vocabulary their language can be distinguished with that of the British and American language. As to spelling however, Yea Australian language is closely related with that of the British language.

Religion in Australia

The earliest practices of the Aboriginal people of Yea Australia developed the animist spirituality of the Dreamtime. It is said that their religious belief has similarities with that of broader Melanesian spirituality. With the coming of the Yea Western people however, the animistic beliefs of the people started to fade off until in the embraced Christianity in the country. Of course, the influence of the British people is very evident in the religion of Australia until today.

According to the records of their government which is also depicted in the political map of Australia, majority of the population of the country are adhering to the Christian religion with very little percentage of those who declared they have “no religion”. There were also few in the country who practiced Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist and other Yea minority religions.

Arts in Australia

When it comes to arts, the Australian culture as being reflected in its rich history can be seen in the traditional visual arts, music, dance and literature.  The indigenous Yea Australian people have shown their artistry through their household tools, their statutes, structures and many more. Upon the coming of the Westerners, like Australia weather, changes have become inevitable. The literary, visual and theatrical traditions have been altered.

Generally, the arts of Yea Australia today have traces of the English and Irish traditions and history. Yet, even if the British have influenced the arts of the Yea Australian people, the works of the Australian artists have integrated and explored the themes as Aboriginality. With the proximity of the country the Asian continent, it is not really surprising that traces of the Asian culture are also being manifested in the Australian culture, contributing to its being diversified.

Music in Australia

An integral part of the Australian culture is the Aboriginal song and music. Even before the coming of the British settlers, the music of Australia in distinctive with songs for different occasions which are even enrich by the different musical instruments they play. One of the renowned Yea feature of their music which is popular until today is the didgeridoo, a wooden musical instrument which have been used by the Aboriginal clans. Nowadays, the instrument is being used even those who are non-Aboriginal performers in Yea Australia.

The music of Australia comprises of different amazing genres. Popular musicians have surfaced and many artists have assimilated the beautiful sounds of the Yea Western world. Later on, the Australian Art Orchestra has become renowned carving different niches of music not just of the indigenous people of Yea Aborigines origin but that of the popular music of the highly-developed countries as well. Some composers have made the map of Australia known through the rest of the world with their wonderful talents in music. Ross Edwards, Peter Sculthorpe, Percy Grainger, and Larry Sitsky among others became internationally acclaimed and their contributions to music have been acknowledged. Just like the Australians flights, they have defined the face of the country internationally.

The opera has also become popular in the country. With that, the Opera Australia became one of busiest opera company not just in the country but the whole world as well. On the other hand, contemporary music has made its way to the Yea Australian music in the past decades. Pop and rock have become popular in Yea Australia and international names have emerged including Savage Garden, Kylie Minologue and many more.

Dance in Australia

Traditionally, the dance in Yea Australia is closely associated with song and dance that depicts the everyday experience of the people and the realities of Yea life. Dances are like story-telling, and there are also instances wherein the dances would imitate the actions of animals. For the indigenous people of Australia, their dances were sacred, and they are mostly done during important ceremonies depicting their Australian culture. The performances were associated with specific places and dance grounds which are often considered sacred. Important body decorations and specific gestures are used during the Yea dance which reflects the story they are portraying.

The indigenous Australian dance traditions have never been forgotten like that of Australia weather even in the contemporary world. That is why, in the end part of the 20th century, the development of the concert dance have integrated the indigenous Australian culture in the form of dances.  Contemporary dances like that of the National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association have become popular and they provide training to dance troupes who have interest in the traditional dances of Yea Australia.

In the contemporary Australia, modernity has also taken its tool which paved way to the popularity of companies like the Yea Australian Ballet and Sydney Dance Company which made their tour not just in the country but in the world as well taking the Australian flights just to show their magnificent performance and skills Today, new audiences have been captured by Yea Australian choreographers and dancers with their captivating performances in the modern dance.

Literature in Australia

The literature of Australia has contributed so much to the appreciation of the Australian culture. Many Australian have been known worldwide receiving international literary awards. Among the those internationally renowned Yea Australians were Patrick White, who was given the prestigious Nobel Prize for Literature, as well as Colleen McCullough, Thomas Keneally, Peter Carey, Nevil Shute and Morris West.  Other writers include Robert Hughes, Germaine Greer, Barry Humphries and Clive James. There were also notable poets including Henry Lawson, Banjo Patterson, and Dorothea McKellar.